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Shawnee - Kansas Wilder Bluff

Utilizing existing topography enabled establishment of an accessible, elevated entry to the main play structure. A modified, Greenville Boo structure was the obvious choice for this accessible starting point. From this point, visitors are invited to adventure forward through a series of net tunnels connecting four tall Trii structures. The first tunnel carries adventurers more than 7 feet above the pathway below. The final Trii structure in the chain presents choices: hang out in the Trii and among the trees, return through the structure the way you came, go down a fast and curving slide, or venture down the access net.


Of course not everyone is up for this adventure and that is where the playground design blossoms. In the upper area of the playground there is another Boo structure inviting those who want to do some unstructured climbing or venture inside for some imaginative play. There are dual Palmetto saucer swings and the O’Tannenbaum 2.5 that offer accessible swing, turning and climbing fun for all.

Throughout the playground, outdoor musical instruments are positioned to the side and an embankment slide provides a fast trip to the lower area.

Budget $350K-$400K
Accessibility Universal Info Graphic
Age Range 2yrs - 12yrs
Location Shawnee, Kansas
O'Tannenbaum Spinner/Climber The O'Tannenbaum is a staple of playground - providing both climbing and spinning excitement.

The park included:


  • Custom Triis Structure including a Boo and four Triis connected via rope tunnels
    • Bridged with Rope Tunnels
    • Slide
    • Climbing/Access net
  • Boo
  • Embankment Slide
  • Otannenbaum 2.5
  • Double Palmetto
  • Outdoor music instruments
Wilder Bluff

See the final project in action!

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