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Kansas City - Missouri Karnes Playground, Roanoke Park

After three years of work, the new Karnes Playground in Roanoke Park had its grand opening on April 30th – providing the community with a new state-of-the-art playground!

“With ropes everywhere, tall mounds covered in artificial turf and even a zip-line, the nature-themed playground takes Roanoke Park to a new level,” according to an article on The article went on to quote KC Parks and Recreation senior landscape architect Erica Flad, “It’s really unique. A lot of people love going there. It’s definitely new in Kansas City.”

The goal was to make the playground fit in well with the natural surroundings and in the process, the Karnes Playground offers many elements of play that are not just fun, but challenging as well.

Budget $250k
Age Range 2yrs - 12yrs
Location Kansas City, Missouri
Slides for All! The first phase of the park included a 12-foot high, circular land-form with hill slides. As you can see, the kids are loving this big family slide. A second phase included a toddler play area with a smaller hill and a slide.
Climbing Challenges Older Children

For older kids, a rope structure from Berliner called the Pegasus provides unlimited play opportunities – climbing up, down and side-to-side, increasing their confidence as they climb higher and higher! Berliner’s structures are true, 3-dimensional climbers, encouraging kids to think about where they want to go and create their own path to get there. The attached slide is fun for kids and adults alike!

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