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Lee’s Summit - Missouri Pleasant Lea Park

Pleasant Lea Park is located in the vibrant city of Lee's Summit, MO. Our team at ABcreative took on the exciting challenge of squeezing a lot of play into a small area, where every inch counted! One particular hurdle was aligning the hill slide seamlessly with the rest of the equipment, a task that required close coordination with the Lee's Summit staff and crew to ensure flawless installation according to their vision. This type of attention to detail is where we shine!


Lee's Summit Parks and Recreation is committed to providing the community with modern and well-maintained playgrounds. ABcreative is proud to contribute to this mission and be a part of the growth at Pleasant Lea Park. Together, we are shaping an environment where children can thrive, play, and create cherished memories.


Check out Pleasant Lea Park, or any of our parks, to see where play is transformed into an extraordinary experience and the joy of discovery awaits around every corner!

Budget $325K-$350K
Age Range 2yrs - 12yrs
Location Lee’s Summit, Missouri
Triis are a Main Feature of this Park Triis and the integrated mound slide provide a unique style for this small space.
Unique and Durable Features

There are some unique features that make Pleasant Lea Park truly special. The playground boasts an array of engaging elements, including the immensely popular Triis in both the 2-5 and 5-12 play areas. These structures provide children with a sense of climbing and exploring, igniting their imagination as they embark on exciting adventures! Additionally, the turf mounds from ForeverLawn have become a favorite among kids, offering a soft and inviting landscape for endless play and enjoyment.

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