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Olathe - Kansas Lake Olathe Zen Garden

A new splash pad was being developed at Lake Olathe and a Zen Garden was the perfect addition to this nature themed water feature.  Musical instruments provided by ABcreative from Percussion Play were the perfect fit for both aesthetics and sensory play and provides a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life for both children and adults. 


These outdoor instruments are unique in that they are perfectly tuned to create true harmonies and melodies rivalling the standard indoor percussion instruments found in music halls.  Professionals, aspiring musicians, and tiny beginners will find joy in playing familiar tunes or creating new songs alongside a friend.


The rugged yet elegant stainless steel construction provides a picturesque juxtaposition with the surrounding greenery and natural stone that will stay pristine for generations to come.  The instruments will continue to draw visitors to the Zen Garden - a peaceful oasis in the middle of the expanding city of Olathe.  

Budget $25K-$50K
Accessibility Universal Info Graphic
Age Range 1yrs - 98yrs
Location Olathe, Kansas
Partner Play Music can be shared with anyone of any generation.
The Highest Quality Music

ABcreative's Portfolio of Products includes Percussion Play's perfectly tuned, rugged, and beautiful musical instruments.  The Olathe Zen Garden includes:


Bell Lyre

Harmony Chimes

Tubular Bells

Large Babel Drum

Small Bablel Drum


Listen to the Bell Lyre
Listen to a Babel Drum
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