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Ottawa - Kansas Garfield Elementary

ABcreative worked closely with the school to design an expanded playground.  The original equipment was relocated and new play was added.  The relocation itself was finished in 3 days! 


We utilized the 7 elements of play to ensure that the kids were getting the full experience.  We created a fun, circular, traffic pattern that promotes the use of each of these play elements.  We include these elements in all of our playgrounds:





-Brachiating (overhead)






Check out the video below.

Budget $200K-$250K
Age Range 5yrs - 12yrs
Location Ottawa, Kansas
Percussion Play The musical instruments that we provide are professionally tuned.
Expanding a Playground

The option to repurpose used equipment is often available and we can complement your existing playground to give it a fresh new look and provide unique pieces that add a ton of play value.  The result is a beautiful new playground that gets a lot of "bang for your buck."

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