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Spirit Lake - Iowa Tatanka Ska Trace

Shelters and park facilities come in all shapes and sizes.  Dickinson County Trails in North-West Iowa wanted to add a state-of-the-art shelter as part of a master plan in developing a new trail named Tatanka Ska Trace.  ABcreative provided a stunning shelter that will be sure to attract visitors and residents alike.  The beauty of the shelter reflects the beauty of the trails that loop around Spirit Lake and Okoboji Lake.



Budget $125K-$150K
Age Range 1yrs - 100yrs
Location Spirit Lake, Iowa
Custom Shelters Custom shelters can add both form and function to any park system.
ABcreative Partners with Cedar Forest Products

ABcreative partners with Cedar Forest Products to design, engineer, and fabricate custom shelters that fit the needs of each unique project.  Picnic shelters are essencial to provide shade, local information, and respite from the sun and rain.


Every shelter is stamped by an engineer to ensure it meets all structural, safety, and code requirements.  It is also designed so that it can be easily constructed on-site, cutting down on installation costs.  The results speak for themselves.


Visit Cedar Forest Products at

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