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North Kansas City - Missouri Dagg Park

Dagg Park, part of North Kansas City’s Parks & Recreation Department, is five acres with two new playgrounds.  One playground is for 2 to 5-year olds and the other is for 5 to 12-year olds.

The renovated park had its grand opening on May 28th and, as you can see, everyone enjoyed what the park has to offer!

Budget $275k
Age Range 2yrs - 12yrs
Location North Kansas City, Missouri
Comet Spinner The comet is an exciting addition to any park.
Playground Centerpiece: Neptun Pyramid

The Neptun climbing pyramid features a fort at the top and an attached 12-foot slide. This accessible unit offers unlimited play opportunities – climbing up, down and side-to-side. Berliner’s structures are true, 3-dimensional climbers, encouraging kids to think about where they want to go and create their own path to get there.

The rubber membrane and the rope ladder are just two of the many ways for kids to get to the top, where they can find an HDPE fort. The 3D net underneath offers enough space for dozens of kids and the long slide, the fastest way down, enables kids to experience the acceleration of the curved slide.

The Berliner Neptun Fort Structure is the only one of it’s kind in the Midwest.

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