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Overland Park - Kansas Strang Park

In partnership with the city of Overland Park, we’ve developed a unique playground that is the result of extensive collaboration with various vendors and contractors. This one-of-a-kind park has quickly become a cherished asset among the community, celebrated for its innovative design and the joy it brings.

Budget $500k+
Accessibility Universal Info Graphic
Age Range 2yrs - 12yrs
Location Overland Park, Kansas
Endless Fun on ForeverLawn's Custom Play Mounds Elevate Playtime Adventures with ForeverLawn’s Custom Mounds
Revolutionizing Play Spaces with ForeverLawn's Innovative Mounds and Tunnels!

Pushing the boundaries of traditional playground design, this project incorporates the innovative use of ForeverLawn’s custom mounds and tunnels. This playground not only introduces a unique visual element to the landscape but also offers children varied tactile experiences. As they clamber over the gentle rises and dip into the recesses, their play becomes a journey through a landscape reimagined.

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