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Clayton - Missouri Shaw Park

Shaw Park is an older, well-established park that wanted a modern twist to a couple aging playgrounds.  ABcreative provided collaborate designs for a 2-12 playground near the ball fields, and a larger 5-12 playground to the South.


Our work was 100% turnkey and included: design, project management, demolition, excavation, drainage, retaining wall construction, play-mound construction, play-equipment installation, and concrete work.  These services are standard at ABcreative - and in the case of Shaw Park - delivered beautiful new playgrounds that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Budget $450K-$475K
Age Range 2yrs - 12yrs
Location Clayton, Missouri
Custom Mound and Boo We specialize the creation of custom pieces.
Portfolio of Play

The centerpiece of the 5-12 playground is a new DNA tower that delivers hours of active play for kids and easy supervision for parents – due to its transparent, open design.  The rope obstacles give children a choose-your-own-adventure style of play.  This allows children of all ages and abilities to enjoy the challenges and grow in their physical and psychological development.  Plus – it looks super cool!


The 2-12 play area features a custom mound that is covered in Playground Grass and is always a popular addition to any park.  Kids become King-of-the-Mountain and can climb up and slide down the safe and soft turf.


The park also includes:


  • O’Tannenbaum – very popular spinner from Berliner
  • Double Palmetto Saucer Swings from Berliner
  • Outdoor Instruments from Percussion Play
  • Terranos horizontal rope play from Berliner
  • Bridge connected to a Boo and Slide – a custom design from Berliner
  • Modern Swings from Berliner
  • Butterfly - a modern see-saw from Berliner
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