Tips for Maintaining Playground Equipment

November 28, 2017
Whether your playground equipment is brand new or a few years old, you want to make sure you have a maintenance plan and schedule in place to keep it safe for the kids.

Experience has told us that proper maintenance ensures the longevity of your play equipment.

  1. Conduct inspections on a regular basis, checking for excessive wear, deterioration and potential hazards on the play equipment.
  2. With rope play equipment, proper tensioning of the ropes will enable them to last much longer. Simplified tensioning should be paramount when choosing a brand of rope play equipment for your playground.
  3. On play equipment with moving parts, check the bearings for wear. This is something that can become expensive to repair when normal maintenance has not been done.
  4. Similarly, on play equipment that rotates, you’ll want to inspect the bearings. Dirt and grime can bog these spinners down. Keep the bearings clean by spraying them out with a high-pressure hose.
  5. Some play structures come with a recommended maintenance schedule specifically for your play structure. Keep in mind that not all play structures are the same so the maintenance required will differ.

Rope play equipment is extremely durable, typically requiring minimal maintenance; The key to a properly maintained playground is to inspect the equipment on a regular basis.

Replacement Plan for Play Equipment

If your play equipment is 10 to 15 years old or older and you are seeing the effects of wear and tear, consider putting a “replacement” plan in place so you’re prepared when that day comes.

When it is time to replace play equipment, include things such as:

  • the type of play equipment kids enjoy playing on the most
  • drainage issues that need to be resolved
  • layout issues that need to be addressed (i.e., does the layout accommodate for a particular item)

Having some of these things figured out and a foundation of money saved back will help to make any new additions or new playground projects a better success.

Need Help with Your Maintenance or Replacement Plan?

When developing your maintenance plan and schedule, you should always be able to count on the playground consultant you worked with. He or she can help you determine what maintenance is needed for your playground and help you successfully maintain the area.

Who is responsible for a playground’s maintenance? Again, based on our experience, we tend to see this lie with:

  • School facility and maintenance personnel
  • Staff at the parks and recreation departments

Churches, daycares and other smaller organizations may require training to do self-maintenance or hire someone to take on this responsibility.

ABCreative offers the assistance you need from training your staff how to maintain the equipment to a full-service plan where experienced, certified installers inspect, clean and do the maintenance for you.

Find more information on keeping the playground safe for kids in our developing a playground maintenance program.


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