Climbing Activities on the Playground

September 02, 2016

Playground activities like climbing help build gross and motor skills, enhancing the vestibular system, perceptual motor skills such as body awareness, spatial awareness and directional awareness, and sharpening visual perception skills.

Climbing is one of the seven elements of play needed in a park or playground area.

Climbing Play Equipment

Dagg Park, Kansas City, MO

  • Berliner’s Neptun pyramid enables kids to climb up, down and side-to-side.
  • The rubber membrane offers kids another avenue for climbing to the top.
  • Climbing isn’t just for the older kids. Berliner’s Mini Mars climber is made especially for beginners.

Delwood Elementary School, Delmar, IA

  • Burke has a variety of climbers for the playground that help improve hand-eye-foot coordination skills and development of arm and leg strength.
  • Play equipment like Burke’s Pod Walks and Pad Climbers help kids master balance and coordination skills.
  • Net climbers may look simple, but can help kids work on their flexibility and grip.

Miller J. Fields, Lee’s Summit, MO
Sport Rock

  • These realistic, highly detailed artificial rocks give children a fun and challenging climbing experience. At the same time, they give children a tactile sensory experience – the feel of the roughness of the rock and the crevices the children can grab to climb the boulders.
  • Rock play equipment can be designed for both younger and older children.

Boy Scout Camp, Abilene, KS

  • These Terranos 2-dimensional ropes from Berliner test these scouts’ climbing and balancing skills – climbing up, down and at an angle.

Planning for Climbing Activities in Your Playground or Park

  • When possible, provide different climbing experiences, such as vertical, horizontal or angled climbing or climbing on flexible surfaces vs. hard surfaces.
  • Choose age appropriate climbing equipment, offering challenging levels and developmental progression of skills.
  • Ensure there are visual cues for placing hands and feet so children can climb with confidence.
Let us help you plan your next play space.
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