Types of Playgrounds

  • Creating the Perfect Playground

    The design experience includes considering different play experiences, age groups, abilities and challenging kids to explore, learn and interact with each other. All of this helps us to determine the type of playground that best fits your needs.

    • Inclusive
    • Fitness
    • Adventure
    • Nature
    • Combination


  • Inclusive Playgrounds

    Let’s All Play Together! Go beyond ADA rules that are focused on ensuring wheelchair access. Inclusive playgrounds combine different difficulty levels, challenges, and play experiences for those with and without special needs.

    These playgrounds include parallel play, encouraging children of all ages and all abilities to build on their own skills and strengths while interactimg with one another.

  • Fitness Playgrounds

    Let’s Get Moving! Promote healthy lifestyle choices, where kids can challenge themselves, compete with each other, and develop strength, balance, and agility.

    Challenging physical obstacles and fitness circuits work the body, build muscle, and offer cardio workouts. It also encourages healthy competition among friends to challenge their physical fitness and work toward improving their health.

  • Nature & Adventure Playgrounds

    Let’s Explore! Nurture kid’s curiosity, encouraging them to explore the environment and discover the world around them. 

    Take advantage of the natural topography, such as hills and mounds, to create a natural, imaginative playground then compliment it with innovative natural play elements – climbing walls and nets, rocks, and more – for more challenging play and adventure.

  • Consult. Create. Construct.

    What kind of playground do you need?