Washington Park Ice Arena, Jefferson City, MO

October 15, 2018

The Washington Park Ice Arena, home to the Jefferson City’s Mid Missouri Tigers Hockey Club, Figure Skating Club, Missouri University Hockey, public skating and many ice arena special events, suffered from safety and compliance issues.

  • The City had non-compliant, dated, wooden bleachers with no way of auditing or providing ADA seating.
  • This included non-uniform, independent bleacher sets with limited seating capacity, limited handrails and no stairs, aisles or rear guardrails.

New Layout Solves Safety & Compliance Issues

The new layout designed by ABcreative addressed these issues by including larger, unitary sections, compliant seating, safety railings, a dedicated ADA section, VIP area and mobile section.

  • Overall Safety and Compliance issues addressed by adding front and rear guardrails, handrails, access points and a walkway.
  • Added ADA Access with dedicated ADA spaces and companion seating.
  • Titled sections with numbered seating
    o   Enables effective auditing, pricing, seat allocation and seating assignment
    o   Dedicated student, fan support section
    o   Temporary tip and roll section with numbered seating for supplemental seating as needed on large capacity events
    o   VIP area with larger seat spaces, BleaChair seat and seat backs at center ice location, can be priced accordingly by City for in-demand events

ABcreative and its partners fabricated, delivered and professionally installed the seating system, on-time and on-budget, prior to the City’s Annual Ice Dance Showcase, a large revenue generator for the Parks and Recreation Department.

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