Walker Johnston Park, Urbandale, IA

July 03, 2018

Three years ago, we transformed the embankment slide from one that would heave and force individual sections to lose their alignment to one that adults and children love for its speed. A stainless-steel slide, wide enough for two to slide beside each other, helped make Walker Johnston a destination park.

Climbing Nets and Playground Grass

The Urbandale Parks department wanted to add to the play footprint of the park by creating a route to make it easy and fun to get from the bottom of the slide back to the top. Something to complement the slide but also offer play features, too.

Consultant, Larry Rife, had just the solution. We tapped into Berliner once again. Using their Terranos product line, a climbing net placed parallel to the slide provided children with a unique and fun way to climb up and down the steep hillside.

The steepness of the hill created issues with the turf beside the slide – traffic going up and down and maintaining it was difficult. We used ForeverLawn Des Moines to install Playground Grass Ultra. Artificial turf offers:

  • Beautiful green grass that is safe for kids to play on and soft to fall on.
  • Long lasting with minimal maintenance
  • Attractive appearance

In reality, the kids have three ways to climb up and down the hill:

  • Wooden stairs (which were already in place)
  • Climbing nets
  • Hill with Playground Grass

Adding Playground Grass to the hill created additional play value for the park because kids can roll on it, sit on it, roll down, slide down, and run up and down it, laughing and enjoying their time at the park.

As soon as the park opened with the climbing nets and artificial turf, kids swarmed to this part of the park. It has been a “win” to add this to the park and the Urbandale Parks & Recreation department is very pleased with the result and what it adds to the park.

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