The Midwest’s First Joe Brown Globe at Lake Atalanta, AR

March 17, 2017

Location: Rogers, AR
Product Line: Berliner

Lake Atalanta, a reservoir along Prairie Creek in Rogers, Arkansas was built in 1936 by the Works Progress Administration. Named for Atalanta Gregory, the wife of O.L. Gregory who donated most of the land that now forms the lake, it is also the name of a Greek warrior goddess who was a renowned and swift-footed huntress known for her independence, competitiveness and physical skills.

Efforts to revitalize Lake Atalanta led to a complete renovation of this urban lake area, which included a new boardwalk around the lake, fishing piers, a serenity garden, pavilions, miles of trails and three playgrounds.

The goal was to return the park to its natural state, which, for the playgrounds, meant giving them a more natural setting.

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Play Equipment for a Natural Playground Setting

During the search for play equipment, Andrea Brinton at the Rogers Park & Recreation Department, came across a unique wood play piece that had the natural look desired and would blend well with the lake area’s surroundings: Berliner’s Globe from the Joe Brown Collection.

It’s a neat concept, offering rope climbing balancing activities in a natural-looking wood frame. It is a gorgeous, beautiful piece of playground equipment.

— Andrea Brinton, Rogers Park & Recreation Department

The Globe is the world’s first spatial net climber with a wooden frame. This means you get the classic 3-dimensional net climber in an outer frame using laminated timber to suspend the nets.

In addition, Lake Atalanta is home to the first Joe Brown Globe installed in the Midwest!

Working with a landscape architect firm, ABCreative provided:

  • The Berliner Joe Brown Globe
  • 3 embankment slides
  • Palmetto saucer swings
  • Mulch
  • Installation services

The Globe from Berliner’s Joe Brown Collection

Lake Atalanta Joe Brown GlobeThe Globe is the first product to be introduced from Berliner’s Joe Brown Collection, a tribute to the man who is known as the pioneer of rope play equipment.

By comparison to grown wood, glued timber demonstrates superior strength and design flexibility. Multiple layers of dried wood make it the premier choice for a natural material while offering maximum load capacity and minimal cracking or splintering. And, all play happens inside the structure, within the net itself.

The foundation of the structure is made of powder-coated steel fitted into the wood elements. This means that there is no direct connection between the bottom of the wood structure and the soil, eliminating the possibility of moisture or water damage to the equipment.

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