Swings for the Playground

March 03, 2016

Swings are one of the most popular pieces of playground equipment. The back and forth motion can be relaxing, yet exciting, giving children the sensation of flying.

Swinging is one of the seven elements of play needed in a park or playground area.

Types of swings to consider.

Traditional, Toddler and Infant

  • Help develop gross motor skills (locomotion, balancing, body coordination) as children develop the pumping motions and jump out of the swings or even pushing others in the swings.

Traditional and Infant Swings from Burke

Saucer swings

  • Accessible
  • Multiple kids at one time
  • Allows/enables children with special needs to enjoy swinging movement

Hammock swings

  •  Smooth swaying motion is soothing, helping to relax and unwind
  • Motion of swinging restores balance to vestibular system, provides proprioceptive input and helps children with autism feel more in balance
  • Soothing motion helps increase concentration and may be beneficial for children with troubles focusing on tasks like reading or math

Swinging, more than just fun for the kids

  • Children enjoy swinging together. They learn cooperation as they wait their turn, sharing and helping others by pushing.
  • Swinging helps develop fine motor skills, such as hand, arms and finger coordination, grip strength and circling motions of the arms and legs.
  • Swinging is a great tool for sensory integration and for children with autism spectrum disorders.

Planning for Swings in your Playground or Park?

  • Choose swinging elements that will promote social engagement between children, that enhance the pretend play experience, collaboration and coordination.
  • Look at swing seats to ensure different levels of comfort and support for children of different skills and abilities.
  • Choose swinging elements that enable children to experience vestibular motion, muscular force and whole body awareness.

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