Sterling Elementary in Warrensburg, MO

July 03, 2013

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Berliner and Playground Grass

Why was ABCreative chosen for the project?

The Berliner product provided a better solution for the playground allowing more budget to be spent on the actual play structure rather than infrastructure.

Project overview and highlights.

Space for the playground was a long narrow area that had a significant slope in the center of the area. The 18’ 5” tall Berliner Neptune sits at the top of the hill in a mostly level area providing a large number of kids the thrill of height while maintaining a very safe fall height of only six feet.

A large cargo net links to a varied group of Terrano components that offer challenging play all the way down the hill with an eight foot slide to finish the fun.

There are a multitude of features including vertical climbing ropes, slack line balance ropes, hammock swing, suspension bridge, and the ‘Wasp Nest’ where the kids can hang out suspended in the air to overlook all of the activity. The playscape easily accommodates the lunchtime recess sessions of up to 100 kids.

Supervision is much easier with the Berliner structure which allows playground supervisors to see through the entire playground at all times. This feature along with the Playground Grass turf safety surfacing underneath complete this unique playground.

Finished Project
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