Spinners for the Playground

June 02, 2016

Comet Spinner from BCI Burke Company on Vimeo.

Playground activities like spinning help important body functions develop and function properly. It helps build gross and fine motor skills along with core strength, enhancing the vestibular system and body awareness.

Spinning is one of the seven elements of play needed in a park or playground area.

Types of Spinners to Consider

Your child can develop balance and core strength with something as simple as a spinner.

Burke Comet Spinners

This spinner challenges children ages 5-12 to use their strength, balance and coordination. It can be used by one child or a group, sitting or standing either inside or outside. The children use their strength to move the Comet. Mounted at an angle, it provides interaction with the force of gravity.

  • Spinning is a great activity to help children increase vestibular stimulation.
  • Spinning increases individual balance as well as coordination with others.


Berliner Eddie
Upper Banner Park, Lee’s Summit, MO

The Eddie is really a simple spinner. It has a body and stem made of stainless steel that is either straight or curved and accommodates one or two kids at a time. This is a great spinner for both small and bigger kids who love to go for a spin.


Berliner Picadilly Circle
Karnes Playground, Roanoke Park, Kansas City, MO

A ride on the picadilly circle is a great experience as the speed of spinning depends on how the children work together – every ride is a unique adventure! Hop aboard, hold on tight and be ready for a spin!


Berliner O’Tannenbaum
Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, KS

O'Tannenbaum spinner from BerlinerThis tree spinner is entirely rotatable except for the trunk. The big rubber membrane surface with its low access height enables children with special needs to join the fun.

This spinner gives kids more than just spinning fun, it also provides climbing and a bit of swinging as it moves back and forth.

Find out why the Lawrence Arts Center chose the O’Tannenbaum.

Planning for Spinners in Your Playground or Park

  • Choose spinning equipment that promotes core strength as well as upper body strength development.
  • When choosing spinning elements, look at the variety of speed, directional and control features available. These elements will offer differing levels of comfort and encourage exploration of speed, force and directional qualities of movement.
  • Choose spinning equipment that will encourage social skills, such as awareness of personal and physical space, taking turns and cooperating with others.

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