Shelter House Home for Music in the Park

November 21, 2016

Location: Bettendorf, Iowa
Product Lines: ICON Shelters

In Bettendorf, IA, the shelter house, across from the Family Museum and public library, is the place where residents come to enjoy a Friday night concert during the summertime. It provides a place for musicians to set up their instruments and equipment and play for the crowd.

The canopy covering the shelter house was old and the footings were broken. The time had come to replace it with a more updated shelter that better matched its surroundings.

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ICON Offers Solution for Shelter House

When designing the shelter, the Bettendorf Parks & Recreation Department wanted one that not just looked good, but one that was built for longevity.

In addition, the design had to fit on the existing concrete pad which was an octagonal shape.

ABCreative brought ICON Shelters in as a solution. In order to make it a more unique looking shelter, the ICON team added a second tier and cupola to the top.

In Iowa, the outdoors can be rough on the exterior of buildings. ICON Shelter Systems offers the best, most durable finish in the industry, standing up to temperatures ranging from extremely cold to very hot. ICON’s unique powder coating will ensure this pavilion will look as good 10 or 20 years from now as it does today.

When you need a traditional, standard shelter or more of a custom design, ICON Shelters offers a broad product line that can be customized or accessorized to create the right shelter for your space.

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