Rope Climbing Challenges Kids of All Abilities

April 22, 2015

Lawson Elementary
Leavenworth, KS
Berliner, Burke and Duraplay

Climbing equipment taps into a child’s creative level of problem solving, going from point A to point B with no specified path. The Leavenworth School District considered the benefits a rope climbing structure could provide, such as:

  • Exercise with a social atmosphere.
  • Visibility of the kids while playing.
  • Play equipment for children of all abilities.

After seeing the rope structure in a Missouri park, the District decided to build a similar structure with swings at Lawson Elementary School. Using products from Berliner and Burke, ABCreative helped create a design to fit their existing playground pad and used poured-in-place, seamless rubber safety surfacing from Duraplay.

The school used a Greenbush purchasing contract to purchase the equipment.

Missouri School Plant Manager articleFind out more about what went into this project. Playground Renovation Addresses All Abilities of the Children, published in the spring 2016 issue of Missouri School Plant Manager.

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