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December 29, 2014

Messiah Lutheran School Playground
Weldon Spring, MO
Burke product lines

Installing all the components of a new playground doesn’t always happen at the same time. Sometimes schools need to fundraise over a period of three to four years to pay for revamping a playground.

This was the case for the Messiah Lutheran School, a top-ranked church school in Weldon Spring, MO.

Their goals included:

  • Adding slides and climbing equipment
  • Focusing on fitness
  • Fun and creative structures
  • Green space for the preschool

The play area had lots of old equipment that needed to be replaced, such as a steel-pipe jungle gym and a wooden structure in the preschool area. The school was extremely interested in Burke Intensity Fitness play equipment for the 5 to 12 play area, which focuses on fitness, large muscle group development, balance, hand eye coordination and more with lots of fun, engaging elements.

Using the Burke product line, we planned and designed a playground that could be installed in three phases and included a community build element as well.

Project Fit & Fun, Phase 1, Completed!

Messiah Lutheran school playground borders

New borders and mulch replaced pea stone gravel.

The first thing this project focused on was basically preparing for the future. In the preschool area, we removed the pea stone gravel that got everywhere in the school, installed a new drainage system along with new borders and ADA compliant wood fiber mulch.  This area will receive new play equipment in the planned phases.

Fitness, Fun and Creative Play with Burke’s Intensity Play Complex

Messiah Lutheran School Playground - Rendering of 2 to 5 play area.

Rendering of the final 2 to 5 play area.

Installing the Intensity unit is also a 3-phase project. The first phase included the initial part of the unit along with the ADA compliant wood fiber mulch. The second phase will include net and rope climbers, which help the children build their upper body strength and boost balance and coordination. Phase 3 will complete the play complex with additional free-standing play events.

Finishing Up the Play Complex

The next planned phases might be installed with the help of school members. Including a ‘community build element,’ which is supervised by our certified installer, is a great way to engage everyone involved, build pride through the project and save money on the installation cost.

Finished Phase 1 of Project
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