Playground Surfacing Makeover

December 06, 2016

Creating the perfect park and playground means more than just having the right play equipment. It also includes having the right safety surfacing, too.

In September, ABcreative worked with the Columbia, MO School District to do a total makeover on five playgrounds, converting the play areas from very, very old wood mulch to rubber mulch. In addition, the areas were enclosed with Burke 12” stone borders and we added ADA ramps to the play areas.

Take a look at the gallery of before, work-in-progress and after photos below!

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Playground Surfacing Makeover Helps Solve Drainage Issues

Benton School, Playground Resurfacing Makeover

The Columbia, MO School District, comprised of 24 schools, wanted to upgrade the surfacing for five school playgrounds, choosing those with some of the worst drainage problems in the district.

For these schools, standing water was a major problem. Removing the old wood mulch and clearing the playground surface meant that our installers could install new drainage to solve this problem.

Rubber or Wood Mulch?

In the playgrounds, we found that the wood mulch was anywhere from 12” to 18” deep, having been compacted over the years. More and more wood mulch being added meant that it was decomposing.

The district chose to replace the existing wood mulch with rubber mulch because it:

  • Is ADA compliant
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Does not compact like wood mulch
  • Does not deteriorate or decompose
  • Is kid-friendly

Aesthetically Pleasing Playground Surfacing Makeovers

Our installers provided the labor and completed the project in five weeks! The school district and School Facilities Department were extremely pleased with our work.

This may have been a simple playground resurfacing makeover, but the overall aesthetics of the play areas were greatly enhanced and eliminated the standing water issues.

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