Playground Improvements, Fort Osage School District

August 23, 2017

Location: Fort Osage, MO
Products: Burke, Berliner, Playground Grass

Summertime is a great time to make playground improvements. Thanks to a voter approved, zero-tax increase bond issue, the Fort Osage School District had us working on six school playgrounds to get them ready for the 2017-2018 school year.

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Playground Improvements

Blue Hills Elementary got brand new playgrounds. In one, we put a Burke play unit; in the other, a Berliner Neptun.

Buckner Elementary kept an existing dome climber and we added a Burke play unit, Berliner Neptun with slide and 5-bay swings.

Cler-Mont Elementary kept an existing play piece, but gained a new Berliner Spaceball.

The Neptun and the Spaceball offer true 3-dimensional climbing opportunities. Both have plenty of footing and handholds for kids to safely climb up and down, horizontally and vertically, with visual transparency.

Elm Grove Elementary updated two playground areas putting a Burke play unit in for the younger grades and adding both Burke and Berliner equipment for the upper grades. In addition, we also moved the existing swings to the younger play area.

Indian Trails Elementary received a Burke Comet spinner, which can be used by one child or by a group, sitting or standing on the outside or inside of it.

All playgrounds had the pea gravel removed and we brought in ForeverLawn Kansas City to install new Playground Grass artificial turf for all five of these schools plus Lewis & Clark Academy.

What helped make this project a success?

Great communication among all parties is a key success factor when managing a large project and coordinating with several other projects. This includes having weekly construction progress meetings to discuss the project details. ABCreative takes pride in planning, scheduling and communicating throughout the project to ensure success.

Using the Greenbush Purchasing contract helped to eliminate the costly and time intensiveness of the bid process. Plus, it allows customers to choose exactly what they want rather than having to accept the “low bid.” Using the Greenbush Purchasing Cooperative, available on all ABCreative products, allows schools to save time and money while also supporting area schools.

Scheduling included getting the playground equipment early, before the turf was done and pulling in multiple installers – one who could focus on the Burke equipment and one who could focus on the Berliner equipment.

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