Playground Equipment and Surfacing for Alma, KS Parks

July 25, 2017

Location: City Park and McKnight Softball Complex, Alma, KS
Products: Berliner, BurkePlayground Grass

As the recipient of a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) through the Kansas Department of Commerce for almost $350,000, the city of Alma, KS funded improvements to its parks, installing new Berliner and Burke play equipment and new Academy Playground Grass artificial turf by ForeverLawn.

City Park Playground

The Alma City Park features two playgrounds.

2 to 5 Playground Equipment

Alma Park Playground, TriiIn this playground, ABCreative installed a Trii.01 from Berliner with an attached slide and net climber along with an O’Tannenbaum 2.5 spinner.

The ladder and the net climber on the Trii.01 provides access to the treehouse, offering kids different ways to climb. Climbing improves muscle tone and strength along with agility, speed, coordination and balance.

The O’Tannenbaum 2.5 spinner, a smaller playground piece for this age group, looks somewhat like a Christmas tree and is a climber, too. The big rubber membrane surface has a low access height, which is great for children with special needs. Spinning helps develop balance and the vestibular system.

The kids like the rope play equipment and overall it has been well received by the community. There are always lots of kids hanging out and having a good time on the equipment.

— Michael Slobodnik, City Supervisor
5 to 12 Playground Equipment

In this playground, ABCreative installed one of Berliner’s Neptun climbing structures, featuring a fort at the top and an attached 10-foot slide. This accessible unit offers unlimited play opportunities – climbing up, down and side-to-side. Berliner’s structures are true, 3-dimensional climbers, encouraging kids to think about where they want to go and creating their own path to get there.

At the top, there is an HDPE fort with flubber. The 3D net underneath offers enough space for dozens of kids and to top it off, there is a speedway zipline, which is a fun cable ride with a launch platform.


McKnight Softball Complex

The McKnight Park features tennis courts, softball, baseball and T-Ball fields along with the new playground equipment and safety surfacing.

ABCreative installed the Trii.03 from Berliner with a stainless steel slide and rope climbers going up to the top of the treehouse. A rope ladder and net climber provide access to the HDPE paneled treehouse.

The ABCreative Experience

Working with Karen was great. She helped make the project go as smoothly as possible, checking on the project during installation and even after it was complete, answering questions along the way.

— Michael Slobodnik, City Supervisor
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