Planning A Budget

  • Budgeting Playground Planning

    Preparing a budget for your playground or other outdoor project is essential. Minimize surprises and be sure to plan for the following.
    • What is the shape and size of the playground area?
    • Will free standing equipment be included such as swings?
    • What safety surfacing will be used?
    • Do you plan to naturalize the play area?
    • How many children will the playground need to accommodate?
    • How much will shipping the equipment cost?
    • How much will be needed to cover the cost of installation?
  • 1Equipment

    A general rule is to budget approximately $1,000 per child. If your site needs to accommodate 50 children at one time, a good starting budget figure would be $50,000.
    If your development costs exceed the budget, you might want to consider a phased approach for your project instead of reducing the scope of the playground.
  • 2Surfacing

    Surfacing material can have a tremendous impact on the cost of your playground. Check out the requirements for each option before making any decisions.
    Another thing to keep in mind is that some surfacing requires more maintenance than others.
  • 3Installation

    Installation incudes basic site preparation, surfacing installation, and playground equipment installation.

    Take a look at your site. Will you need any additional preparation such as clearing the site of trees and surface rock? If so, you will need to include additional funds in your budget for this.

  • Tips for Planning Your Budget
    • Choosing a site that is relatively flat with adequate drainage can help save on site preparation expenses.
    • Play equipment should allow for line of site and ease of supervision.
    • Plan for the installation that works best for your project: professional install, community build, supervised build.
    • Site preparation might need to include things such as permits, sidewalks, accessible paths, landscaping, and drainage.
    • Plan for storage in case the equipment arrives early and for the removal/disposal of any packaging.
  • 4Freight Costs

    Freight will vary depending on the products you order and where the manufacturer is located in proximity to your location.

    We’ll be happy to help you get an accurate estimate for your freight costs.

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  • 5Site Amenities

    Don’t forget to budget for site amenities. This includes things such as benches, trash receptacles, bike racks, and more.

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