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  • What are purchasing contracts?

    Purchasing contracts are nationwide government procurement services that establish competitively-priced contracts for goods and services.

    Using a purchasing contract helps to eliminate the costly and time intensive bid process.

    Who can use Greenbush Purchasing Contracts?

    Schools and other entities in Kansas and the surrounding states – Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa.

    This includes:

    • Public and private schools
    • City, county, and state government
    • Colleges, universities, and post-secondary institutions
    • Some non-profit organizations.

    Second Time ABCreative awarded Greenbush Playground Equipment Contract

    Do the Greenbush purchasing contracts meet Kansas bid law requirements?

    YES! All Greenbush contracts have been competitively bid, and meet all current Kansas bid law requirements.

    Greenbush’s pre-bid Regional and National contracts allow schools to take advantage of cost savings solutions without any additional fees or commitments.

    How do I use the Greenbush Purchasing Contract?

    Simply contact ABCreative. We can help you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

    Call: 913-583-3332 or email any of our team.

    ABCreative: Purchasing Equipment Discounts

    What is Greenbush?

    The Cooperative Purchasing program began in September 1976 at the Southeast Kansas Regional Educational Service Center located in Erie, KS and was one of the three original programs. Since that time, the Purchasing/Procurement department has assisted school districts in reducing the cost of educational resources through cost-effective, cooperative purchasing.

    By utilizing pre-bid contracts, Kansas school districts have the ability to utilize approved contracts and vendors while taking advantage of having the cumbersome bidding process completed.

    What services does Greenbush offer?

    Greenbush Procurement/Cooperative Purchasing services include pre-bid national contracts through Greenbush’s membership in the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA), pre-bid statewide, regional, and line-item contracts, and negotiated pricing through corporate business partnerships.

    The Southeast Kansas Education Service Bid Advisory Committee oversees the awarding of all bids.

    Who has used Greenbush Purchasing Contracts?

    • City of Humboldt, Humboldt, KS
    • Dagg Park, Kansas City, MO
    • Dear Elementary, Richmond, MO
    • Fort Osage School District
    • Hartman Park, Lee’s Summit. MO
    • Hillcrest Elementary (Ryan Gray Playground for All Children), Lawrence, KS
    • Kansas City Public Schools
    • Lee Elementary, Manhattan, KS
    • Life Church Playground
    • Midland Adventist Academy, Shawnee, KS
    • North Lea McKeighan Park, Lee’s Summit, MO
    • Platte County Parks & Recreation
    • Valley Park, Grandview, MO
    • Wichita Public Schools, Wichita, KS 
    • And many more!

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