• Helping You Fund Your Project

    Working with a limited budget? Here's a few ways to help fund your project.
    • Grants
    • Purchasing Contracts
    • Community Build
    • Phased Approach
  • How to Fund Your Park or Playground Project with Grants
  • Purchasing Contracts

    Purchasing contracts are nationwide government procurement services that establish competitively-priced contracts for goods and services.

    Eliminate the costly and time intensive bid process by using one of these purchasing contracts.

  • Greenbush purchasing contract

  • HGACBuy purchasing contract

  • TCPN Purchasing contract

  • GSA purchasing contract

  • Community Build

    Reach out to your community for help!


  • A community build project is one way to minimize expenses. You supply the playground installers and we’ll help you get organized.

    Who can help? Anyone! Of course, for safety reasons, volunteers doing the build need to be at least 18 years old; however, there are plenty of ways those under 18 can help.

  • Phased Approach

    Spread your project costs out!


  • Another option to consider is installing your playground in phases. In the planning and layout phase, a rendering of what your project will look like at the end is created and then it can be installed in segments over the time period of your choice.

    Phasing out your project enables you to spread the costs out over a longer period of time.

  • Talk to a Consultant

    About Other Funding Ideas.

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