A One-of-a-kind Sliding Experience for Omaha

April 05, 2016

Hummel Park, Omaha, NE
Product Line: Berliner, Playground Grass, GrassmatsUSA

What do you do with a hill that for years was used as a muddy slip n’ slide?
You custom design slides to fit the space!

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Hummel Park Custom Designed Slides

Hummel Park in Omaha, NE, is a beautiful, nature rich park that has become one of the city’s scenic treasures. It is a hilly, wooded park with more than two miles of hiking and nature trails and a state-of-the-art nature center.

It also has a hill that because of the elevation and slope was not a well-used area.

The City of Omaha Parks department wanted to increase the playability of this hilly area while still ensuring that it blended in with the natural looks of the park.

Tom Bentley, a landscape architect with Vireo and local parks design expert, came up with the concept of installing a custom slide. Tom tasked ABCreative and Berliner to develop design ideas for the space.

As you can see by these renderings, the Berliner design team met the challenge!

In fact, Berliner met the challenge so well, the one slide project turned into two slides. Both are custom-designed slides that are unique to Hummel Park, no one else has slides like these. The slides are approximately 65 feet long and were designed specifically for the length of these hills.

One slide attaches to a Berliner Trii 3, chosen specifically because it blends in with the natural setting of the park.

Surfacing Solutions

In addition, the project also involved installing safety surfacing around the slides. For the embankment slide, it was needed at the bottom of the slide; for the Trii 3 + slide, it was needed at the top and bottom. Playground Ultra by ForeverLawn was chosen for its natural look and safety, blending well with the park’s natural setting.

In between, alongside and underneath the slides, the parks department wanted to keep the natural prairie grass look. While waiting for this to take root and to protect the ground from erosion, we installed a unique new type of playground safety surfacing called Grassmats. The Grassmats allow the natural grass to grow though while providing fall protection and erosion protection.

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