New School, New Playground Area for Ottawa, KS

December 26, 2017

Sunflower Elementary, a new school in Ottawa, KS, was part of the district’s $63.1 million bond passed in 2015 to help alleviate overcapacity issues at the existing elementary schools and provide growth for the future.

ABcreative was tasked with providing a playground solution for the new school, which had two separate areas – one for the younger and one for the older kids to play on.

Using traditional post and platform play equipment, we created a fun play space for the kids that included climbers, slides, interactive panels and roofs – incorporating many of the elements of play (climbing, sliding, balancing. sensory) that children need to be successful in the classroom and in life.

The swinging element of play was brought in with the:
  • Cloud 9, an accessible swing that allows several children at one time to basically “fly on the cloud.” It also enables children with special needs to enjoy the swinging movement with other children, too.
  • Palmetto Saucer, another accessible multi-user swing that offers sharing fun. We installed not just one swing, but a double Palmetto swing on the playground to double the kids fun!

Adding musical instruments in the natural area between the two playground spaces provides a sensory experience for children of all abilities and develops a love of music.
  • The Papillo bells, a tubular bell type, is pentatonic in nature meaning any combination of sounds is pleasant to the ear.
  • The eye-catching Rainbow Sambas, a set of five outdoor drums, is fun and easy to play no matter the child’s age and can be played by one or a group of children teaching them more about the beat and rhythm of music.
  • The Duo with its distinctive ergonomic curved design means this is accessible from both sides. The wave of the instrument makes it easier for those with limited range of movement or who are in wheelchairs to reach all of the notes.


Playground Grass Surfacing

10,500 square feet of Playground Grass safety surfacing system was then installed by ForeverLawn Kansas City. This turf not only provides an ADA accessible play surface, it is a safe and durable surface for kids of all ages while providing another play experience to the playground.

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