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June 21, 2017

At ABCreative, we strive to provide the most innovative products to help you create the perfect park and playground.

We now offer climbing rocks, performance boulders and playground sculptures from ID Sculpture.

ID Sculpture LogoID Sculpture operates on some basic core beliefs:

  • Art and play should coexist.
  • Play is an opportunity to learn.
  • Every project should be designed with place in mind.
  • Technologically superior processes deliver maximum value to customers.
  • Collaboration is the cornerstones of good design.
  • Everything we build should be timeless, both in terms of design and durability.


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What Sets ID Sculpture Apart

The company is located in the mountains of Colorado and everyone who works there has some tie to climbing and the outdoors – they are climbers, mountain bikers, skiers and more. They love the outdoor environment and design based on this connection – this is a key element that sets them apart from other companies.

ID Sculpture is setting out to reinvent the traditional playground.

We create unexpected, innovative play spaces that spark the imagination, inspire learning, and expand the frontier of what a playground can be.

Playground Rock Climbers & Performance Boulders

While you can order items from the catalog, the company embraces custom work, enjoying the challenges provided by landscape architects and others.

Climbing rocks are inspired by nature and are designed to evoke a sense of adventure, challenge and achievement. In addition, the company offers a wide range of playful animal and themed sculptures.

In addition, ID Sculpture offers a line of performance boulders, which help to develop rock climbing skills, continuing to challenge a child or adult over time. Performance boulders are compliant for use in the playground but offer multi-generational play because play doesn’t stop at childhood! Adults and ‘tweeners need to play, too!

The performance boulders are geared to opportunities for beginning through advanced – they aren’t just for the rock climbing enthusiast, but are great to introduce people to rock climbing.

ID Sculpture takes safety very seriously when it comes to play, and designs all its products to ASTM and CPSC standard,  ID Sculpture also offers a line of IPEMA certified products.


Your Vision Brought to Life

Whether it be a custom sculpture, a complete theme environment, or iconic center-piece to your project, ID Sculpture brings client’s visions to reality.

In addition, ID Sculpture combines old world sculptural techniques with modern digital technology that result in pieces rich in textural detail.


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