New Playground for Lee Elementary

February 28, 2017

Location: Lee Elementary School, Manhattan, KS
Products: Berliner

When the Lee Elementary school was renovated a few years ago, an increase in the number of students increased the demand on the playground. This increased demand took its toll on the playground area. The school knew it needed to update the playground, providing a more functional area where the kids could get more exercise and be more engaged in playground activities.

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Playground Update

The maintenance department at Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 had previously worked with ABCreative at several other schools in the district and was eager to get started on the update.

The school district removed all but one play piece from the playground.

ABCreative provided:

  • Design and lay-out of the playground
  • Installation of Playground Grass by ForeverLawn
  • Addition of three new playground structures
  • Correcting drainage and sloped area issues

The new design and lay-out helped create play areas for different age groups by clustering the new equipment accordingly.

Lee Elementary Playground

  • For grades 3 to 5, the school added the Berliner Igloo Climber and Flubber Cube.
  • For grades 1 and 2, the Jupiter connected to the Spaceball via a suspension bridge also offered slide opportunities and freestanding chin-up bars.
  • Benches were added in key locations allowing comfortable supervision locations.

Playground Drainage & Surfacing

The playground had major drainage and sloped area issues that had to be corrected. This included:

  • modifying the one play piece that wasn’t removed to be compliant with the new grade that was set.
  • Ensuring the slope in the play area for grades 3 to 5 was ADA compliant.

Hopscotch Funsert

ABCreative brought in ForeverLawn Kansas City to install Playground Grass under all the play units, including the one existing piece left in place. This new grass greatly improved the overall safety of the playground.

With the school’s budget in mind, ABCreative and ForeverLawn Kansas City saw an opportunity to install a Hopscotch Funsert.

In the end, the playground was totally renovated, from space to location, equipment and surfacing

I love it and the kids love it, too. It was hard to keep them off the area when it wasn’t quite finished! In fact, the first graders named each piece of equipment and we’re creating a list of safety measures for the playground so the kids know what they can and can’t do.

— Nancy Kole, Lee Elementary Principal

Nancy’s advice:

  • Take your time when planning your playground.
  • Get your teachers’ input. For instance, PE teachers know what will physically help the kids.
  • Don’t be hurried by deadlines; you’ll live with this a long time. It’s a big investment and you want to be happy with it.

The ABCreative Experience

We loved the play ideas Karen brought to the table. She was so helpful, answering our questions, showing us nice drawings and pictures in catalogs. She met with the teachers on the committee and got their input since they know best whether the kids would like it or not.

— Nancy Kole, Lee Elementary Principal

Lee Elementary Photo Gallery

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