Neighborhood Parks and Playgrounds

April 25, 2017

Location: Lee’s Summit, MO
Product Line: Berliner

What does a neighborhood park add to your community?

Parks can be tucked away in cul-de-sacs or built into smaller spaces within a neighborhood. Often smaller playgrounds are built along walking trails in the neighborhood. This not only creates a social spot, but offers a place for people to get out and get active and for the kids to have fun, too!

Neighborhood Parks & Playgrounds

A playground in any community:

  • Provides a distinctive landmark.
  • Serves as a social and recreational focal point for the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Offers an opportunity to develop open spaces to revitalize a neighborhood.
  • Adds to property values.

Neighborhood parks and playgrounds offer a place where kids can play after school, where you can walk your dog or grab a little exercise walking the trailways and paths.

Two Lee’s Summit Play Spaces

Upper Banner Park, Lee’s Summit

is a 15.3-acre park at the end of NE Noeleen. It isn’t a park that has constant traffic driving by; it is nestled in this neighborhood area and features tennis courts, pickleball courts, a walking trail and a playground.

We helped revitalize this playground for the neighborhood kids, making it a great place to gather and play.

  • The spaceball with the attached slide offers climbing activities for different age groups. The spatial nets make it easy for parents to keep an eye on their little ones.
  • The saucer swing is great for one or more kids at the same time and it allows children with special needs to enjoy the swinging movement.
  • The Orbit is a curvy balancing trail for children who love to balance (or for adults who need a little balancing exercise, too!).
  • The Eddie is really a simple spinner. It has a body and stem made of stainless steel that is either straight or curved and accommodates one or two kids at a time. This is a great spinner for both smaller and bigger kids who love to go for a spin!
  • One bay of infant and one bay of regular swings

A gazebo-type of shelter offers a place for picnics and other gatherings or simply a little shade for parents.


Langsford Park, Lee’s Summit

started as a ½-mile walking trail; then a playground was built along the trail giving neighborhood children a place to climb and swing. It’s almost like an extension to the backyards of houses bordering the play space.

Like the Upper Banner Park, this play space also includes a:

  • Spaceball net climbing structure
  • Saucer swing
  • One bay of infant and one bay of regular swings


Parks and playgrounds don’t have to be big. Adding small playgrounds along trail systems boosts the functionality of the space, creates a social gathering spot for the neighborhood and makes it aesthetically pleasing as well.


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