Musical Ensemble & Climbing Rocks

November 09, 2015

Miller J Fields Park, Lee’s Summit, MO
Freenotes Harmony

Miller J Fields is an 18-acre neighborhood park in Lee’s Summit, MO with three baseball diamonds, two large playground areas and a shelter with picnic tables. In 2014, the city started renovating the park with the addition of a 0.6 of a mile trail. This year saw the opening of a spray ground and playground renovations.

Musical Ensemble Gives Park a Multisensory Experience

Music has numerous educational and social benefits for people of all ages and abilities. The Lee’s Summit Parks & Recreation department wanted more of a multisensory experience for children and achieved this with the addition of musical instruments.

ABcreative worked with the parks department to bring an ensemble trio of instruments to the park from Freenotes, which included the Manta Ray, Yantzee and Pegasus. The Freenotes ensemble trio gives the park real instruments that make real music, offering children of all abilities a creative outlet and plenty of social interaction – and making it a playground for both the eyes and ears.

Play the video to hear the sounds these instruments make.

Climbing Rocks Give Tactile Experience

The park has two playground areas, one for toddlers and the other for bigger kids. In the toddler area, we put a Sportrock ‘Cat’ Park Pet, a very durable and rugged artificial rock in the shape of a cat. In the other area, we placed an age-appropriate climbing boulder that is cast from a mold made from an actual boulder. There are added handholds to increase the climbing experience.

These realistic, highly detailed artificial rocks give children a tactile sensory experience – the feel of the roughness of the rock and the crevices the children can grab to climb the boulders.

Made from a polyresin that will not break off and crumble like other GFRC artificial rocks, this eight foot tall boulder looks like and feels like real limestone rock.


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