Maple Grove Elementary in Warrensburg, MO

October 04, 2013

Warrensburg, MO

Featured in this project:
ABCreative’s ability to do turnkey projects along with products from: Berliner and the Playground Grass Ultra Turf.

Why was ABCreative chosen for the project?

For the uniqueness of the Berliner Play equipment and opportunity to continue adding to the equipment in the future. Also, after trying the Playground Grass Ultra surfacing under the swing area for two years, the Warrensburg School District saw the advantages of utilizing this in the free play area.

Project overview and highlights.

The original design intent for the Maple Grove play space consisted of a play structure and swings immediately next to the school (completed by ABCreative in 2011). Then, a large open, free play area of nearly 12,000 square feet and an asphalt hard surface play space on the opposing end from the play structure. Unfortunately, kids and tennis shoes are very tough on any surfacing and the grass lawn area could never take hold leaving a large, dirt and mud eyesore for this new school along with greatly limiting the play possibilities for the kids.

Playground Grass has been specifically designed as playground surfacing and is not simply field turf used under play equipment. Because of the weight of the premium backing on Playground Grass products, there is no need for sand infill as ballast like other brands use. This keeps the surfacing cooler even when a minimal amount (less than 1 pound per square foot) of rubber infill is used. Playground Grass is also designed and tested to drain efficiently at a rate exceeding 30 inches of rain per hour! This allows the kids quick access to the playground even after a heavy rain – no puddles, no mud, just good open outdoor fun.

Now add an attraction like the 12-foot tall Berliner Spaceball Medium in this field of lush green turf and you have an irresistible play space to run, explore, climb and enjoy. With all the fun and exercise the Berliner equipment offers the kids, it also offers unobstructed site lines for playground supervisors. And, all Berliner structures are modular so that future additions are limited only by imagination.

Proper drainage of any play area should be one of if not the most important consideration. ABCreative worked with the Warrensburg School District staff to ensure we had a good plan for drainage before beginning the project.

This project took three days to do grading and install the necessary drainage, then another four days to install perimeter boards, crushed stone sub-base, safety padding and the turf surface. The base for the Spaceball M was installed in conjunction with the grading and drainage work to ensure it was at the proper height. The Playground Grass was installed over the top of the base using simple holes in the turf and eliminating seams. Once the turf was finished, the actual Spaceball structure was completed within one day.

Finished Project
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