Making Old Playgrounds Fun Again!

October 12, 2015

Three school playground renovations that make the old playground feel like new.

Playground Renovation #1: Cure of Ars Catholic School gets a new playground

Leawood, KS
Product Lines: Berliner, Burke

Cure of Ars BEFORE the school's playground renovation

Cure of Ars BEFORE the school’s playground renovation

The existing playground at the Cure of Ars Catholic School served a long and useful life; however, it was time for an update. The school’s playground committee knew exactly what they were looking for in a new playground.

Fix the basic playground infrastructure issues.
Facing a poor drainage problem and a layout that made supervision difficult, we designed in concrete curbing and drainage then put the layout of the main play features together to help define the different age appropriate and activity areas.

Utilizing our turn-key project services, the school had us remove the existing playground, install the underdrainage and completely install the new playground.

Cure of Ars Spaceball M net climber

Cure of Ars Spaceball M net climber

Provide good supervision throughout the playground area.
The Berliner product line was the perfect fit to offer full-body activity by utilizing a Berliner 3-dimensional net climber combination structure. This type of equipment offers ease of supervision during school and even after normal school hours when playground supervisors aren’t available to monitor playground activity.

Provide the children with a wide variety of activities.
The design gave the school everything they wanted, including lots of swings! The playground now has 12 standard swing seats and a multi user swing called the Palmetto Saucer. The renovated school playground offers children plenty of age appropriate pieces, featuring a new basketball goal set at a lower height for young players, a Funnel ball, a tether ball, Berliner’s combination climbing structure, Burke’s structure for the younger group, and benches.

Playground Renovation #2: Church of the Nativity creates its own Lea McKeighan playground!

Leawood, KS
Product Lines: Berliner, Burke

The school’s PTO moms love to travel to all the local parks and playgrounds. Lea McKeighan in Lee’s Summit, MO, and Valley Park in Grandview, MO, are two of their favorites.

After visiting the parks, they decided they wanted to bring as much of the experience to their school as their budget would allow.

After removing some of the existing playground equipment, the space allowed us to fit in two Burke Spinning comets and a 2-seat rocker plus the Berliner Neptune. A Neptune suspension bridge connects to a Mars with a plastic slide. This school playground renovation gave the kids plenty of age appropriate equipment!

To finish the renovation up, we added a poured-in-place surfacing to go under the O’Tannenbaum spinner. Now the kids have their own Lea McKeighan and Valley Park playground at their own school!

Playground Renovation #3: Messiah Lutheran School completes playground update

Weldon Spring, MO
Product Lines: Burke

In 2014, the Messiah Lutheran School started renovating its playground, taking out the pea gravel and installing borders and mulch. Originally slated to be a 3 phased project, the playground updates were completed this fall.

  • Completed the Little Buddies structure in the 2 to 5 year area
  • Completed the Intensity unit in the 5 to 12 area.

The teachers and children were extremely happy to have the new Early Childhood playground equipment installed and ready for students!

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