Make Space in the Calendar for Play

December 10, 2018

Guest Blog from Neve Spicer, WeTheParents.

Have you ever looked at a blank spot in your child’s activities list and wondered if you should fill it with a piano lesson or a tutoring session? Does the idea of leaving it empty make you feel like you are just not giving your child enough to ensure they have a leg up in society?

Well, I have some good news for you, the kind of news that allows you to not only let go of your mom or dad guilt but to also pat yourself on the back for being a darn good parent.

Allowing your child the space to figure out what to do with downtime is a good thing that will help him grow as a person. And that’s not just coming from one parent who is, I’ll admit it, a little tired of driving kids to opposite ends of the town; that is straight from the mouths of the experts.

Our children need to experience a little boredom in their lives so that they can figure out how to amuse themselves. And how do kids amuse themselves? They play. Whether they are playing in a group or by themselves, when left to their own devices, our kiddos can come up with the coolest things to do. Better still, as they play, they will be learning skills like socialization, empathy, and self-confidence.

Whether they run around the local playground or create a fortress in their bedroom, there are tons of benefits of child-led play. In fact, here is a great infographic showing more than 40 of them:

Free Play Resources for You

43 Ways our Kids Thrive on Free Play

You can learn more about these benefits here:

After reading what the experts have to say, we hope you feel happier to have blank spaces on your child’s schedule; it’s exciting for them to start learning how to claim their independence and have fun doing so.

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