Lexington Lake Park Playground

October 17, 2017

Location: De Soto, KS
Products: Berliner 

Lexington Lake Park, previously referred to as the Rieke Lake property, opened in July 2017. The property consists of 465-acres located west of De Soto and north of K-10 Highway. The site includes a 30-acre fishing lake, as well as a mix of woodlands, forest, and open areas.

A master plan for the park was completed by a consulting team headed by Bowman Bowman Novick, Inc., of Kansas City, Missouri. It was approved by the Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners in 2008. It is part of the Johnson County Parks and Recreation District.

In addition to the lake stocked with fish, you’ll find a boat ramp, shelter, walking and biking trails, and a playground.

Want to know more? Contact Tim McNamarat.

Turnkey Installation for Lexington Lake Playground

ABCreative did a turnkey installation service using a team of experienced, insured and manufacturer certified installers. Our installers are CPSI (Certified Playground Safety Inspectors) and also NPSI (National Playground Safety Institute) certified.

Our turnkey service means that we receive the play equipment, lay out the playground, install and assemble the equipment according to manufacturer specifications and do the clean-up.  It may include basic site preparation and surfacing installation, too. In this case, we did a poured-in-place surface for the playground.

  • We installed the 14’ 9”-tall Jupiter net climber from Berliner Seilfabrik and extended it by adding the Quadropolis system. This extension, which basically turned the Jupiter into a slide tower, makes it a unique structure for the Midwest region.
  • An access net is an additional option to climb into the Jupiter along with a ‘Jungle’ bridge, which provides access to the Quadropolis and slide.

This structure is fun for kids of all ages – from youngsters to teenagers even to adults.

Our family loves the playground area at Lexington Lake, especially the cargo net to the top. It’s not your typical playground equipment and just begs to be climbed on, run around, and enjoyed. I have to confess that as a mom, I’ve climbed up there and revisited my childhood a few times.

— Caroline Braley

The pictures below show the installers bringing the play equipment to life.

Photo Gallery – Finished Playground

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