Jester Park Lodge Meets Park’s Gathering Place Needs

February 08, 2017

Location: Jester Park, Granger, IA
Product Line: Cedar Forest Products

Located just outside Des Moines, IA, on Saylorville Lake, Jester Park Lodge is a full-service banquet and conference center that offers the perfect setting for wedding receptions, family reunions, business meetings and other large gatherings.

ABCreative Offers Cedar Forest Products

Jester Park Lodge

The Jester Park Lodge, built in 2002, replaced the former building destroyed in a fire. When rebuilding the lodge, the Polk County Conservation Board moved it to a new location so that it would be sitting on a ridge on the lake surrounded by trees.

The conservation board worked with Cedar Forest Products to design the building, adding an outdoor deck that overlooks the reservoir. The result: an incredible display of craftsmanship that blended into the oak wooded area.

The 3,700-square foot lodge is used for many social and private events, from weddings to the monthly OWLS (Older, Wiser, Livelier, Seniors) adult luncheon program. It is a handicap accessible building that accommodates up to 258 guests, offering a full kitchen, dance floor, audiovisual services and many other amenities.

Built 15 years ago, the Jester Park Lodge is a low maintenance building that serves the community well, requiring only minimal maintenance and upkeep, such as:

  • A monthly HVAC check.
  • Refreshing the exterior stain every four to six years.

Cedar Forest Products Lodge Buildings

The conservation board chose the Cedar Forest Products Jester lodge building for several reasons.

  • Previous experience with the product: two campground restrooms and a concession building at Easter Lake beach
  • Overall affordability of the structure
  • Ability to construct the lodge in-house using their own crews, ultimately saving on construction costs

Installation by the park’s staff included putting up the shell, stone work and wood finish with contractors connecting the electricity and plumbing.

Cedar Forest Product buildings are pre-cut and wall components are pre-assembled and construction coded to assure perfect fit, which made it easy for the conservation board to use its own staff to install the building. The buildings are dismantled and delivered to the construction site along with all necessary components and complete installation instructions.

Why Consider Cedar Forest Products for Your Shelter & Lodge Needs

  • Cedar is known for its high resistance to insects, moisture and fungal elements that are known to shorten the service life of ordinary buildings.
  • Cedar’s natural resistances means it is untouched by chemical treatments.
  • Cedar Forest Products are designed for beauty, craftsmanship, durability, comfort and quality.

Cedar Forest Products has produced and shipped thousands of cedar building packages for residential, municipal, camp and recreational use. They specialize in delivering complete building packages, professional planning and assistance, and detailed engineering. Every building CFP produces is planned to the purchaser’s specifications and requirements, right down to the location of electrical outlets.  All of their standard buildings can be modified to meet customers’ needs. Their experience enables customers to receive the very best cedar building packages.

Jester Park Lodge Photos

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