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June 29, 2018

South Lea McKeighan park was developed as a destination park, offering residents a unique one-of-a-kind adventure playground. With the completion of North Lea McKeighan Park, that concept has been extended across Chipman Road, offering residents a splash pad, ice rink, skating park and walking trails.

The best part is the state-of-the-art playground that provides many unique features and all 7 Elements of play, from sensory experiences to challenging climbing experiences and more.

Musical, Sensory Experience

Percussion Play Outdoor Musical instruments are for everyone – all ages and all abilities. They are easy to play no matter what the skill level. There is no right or wrong way to play, just have fun and enjoy the music. You’ll find:

  • Harmony. This vertical xylophone has eleven tubes that are arranged lengthwise, horizontally and supported by heavy-duty nylon coated galvanized steel cables with a C-Major Pentatonic arrangement.
  • Bell Lyre. An outdoor instrument made of 8 graduated stainless-steel bells where each bell emits its own sound. It is a low maintenance calming addition to any outdoor setting.
  • Babel Drums, small and large.  The Babel Drums produce a pure tone that is warm and has plenty of clarity to it. Designed for permanent outdoor installation, they should be played with the hands, preferably by striking with the fingers.
  • Cajons. Attractive, extremely durable outdoor drums with a built-in snare at the top and a low bass sound around the middle.
  • Handpipes. Designed to be played with just your hands, the diatonic tuning allows players to be creative.

North Lea McKeighan Park

North Lea McKeighan ParkNorth Lea McKeighan Park

Photos of the Harmony, Handpipes and Cajons.

Largest Berliner Low Ropes Course in the US!

The south side of the park has the Jupiter XXL, a 30-foot-high metal-framed pyramid with intertwined climbing nets. On the north side, we have the largest Berliner low ropes course in the US, expanding the adventure and challenge that rope structures bring to a playground.

This extensive ropes course criss-crosses an approximate 70 X 70 foot area. Adventurers can challenge themselves to cross from one side to the other without touching the ground if they choose. And there is plenty of space for climbing, crawling, balancing and other physical activities.

Close to the ground, the Terranos 2-dimensional ropes physically challenge a child’s balance and ability. The shakiness of the rope bridge tests children’s balancing and hand-over-hand skills and promotes psychomotor skills.

Thanks to the transparent nature of the equipment, the Berliner Terranos designs make it easy to supervise the kids.

North Lea McKeighan ParkYou’ll also find a 100-foot “Speedway” zip line with a launch platform that kids can zoom from one side of the playground to the other. The Hammocks are a great place for relaxing but also can be used as a swing for several kids at one time. You’ll find not just one, but three! This is the only Berliner ‘Triple Hammock’ configuration in the Americas!

Natural Climbing Elements

North Lea McKeighan ParkNobody builds boulders and kids’ climbing features like ID Sculpture. These climbing elements are nature-inspired, offering multiple routes for every ability.

The bear cub play sculpture is just the right size for climbing and cuddling. And, you’ll find these natural climbing elements like the Linkin’ Log and the stepping forms attract kids to get them moving and using their imagination while developing their balancing skills.

These unique sculpture pieces are unlike any seen in our area.

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