Frisco Lake Park Playground, Olathe, KS

August 09, 2018

Frisco Lake Park is part of the Olathe Parks & Recreation department and includes 38 acres of land and 24 acres of lake water. It also includes walking trails, volleyball courts, basketball goals, and a playground.

ABcreative worked with the parks department in creating a new, more state-of-the-art look for the Frisco Lake playground.

Playground Project Overview

Improvements made to the Frisco Lake Park playground included replacing the existing pour-in-place surfacing with Playground Grass Ultra artificial turf, and removing the old pirate-ship themed playground equipment, replacing it with:

  • A hillside slide built into a 4’ x 20’ x 25’ mound surrounded by large boulders
  • Natural climbing features from ID Sculptures including a Hometree with custom rope connection to a Sandstone Arch boulder, tree stepping forms, a balance log, and a mini sandstone arch boulder for the young kids
  • An accessible Cloud 9 swing from Berliner that allows for several children of all abilities to swing at one time
  • Two musical instruments: the Rainbow Cavatina and Conga Drums (links will take you to the Percussion Play website where you can hear the instruments’ sounds),
  • Sand play area where rocks were laid

ABcreative handled the sitework including taking out and disposing of the old playground equipment, curbing and surface.

The City of Olathe tweeted

Have you visited the newly installed playground at Frisco Lake Park? It’s the perfect spot to climb a tree, play some music and enjoy a walk next to the water!

Frisco Lake Park Photo Gallery

Video View of Frisco Lake Park


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