First “Cosmo” To Land in Iowa

March 04, 2015

Doanes Park Playground
Pleasant Hill, IA
Berliner product lines

Wanting to expand what the parks offered its residents, plus provide a safer playground environment, the Pleasant Hill Parks & Recreation department found what it was looking for with Berliner’s Cosmo.

Made from stainless steel for a crisp clean look, the Cosmo is the first of its kind in the immediate four-state area and Pleasant Hill is the first city in the state to introduce Berliner to its residents.

“I don’t think people realize how much of a jewel Doanes Park is,” Haag [chair of the park’s commission] says. “It’s in a great location. The city has done a good job — make it useable, but sustain the land. Now we want to make it so entire families can use it.” Doanes Park gets some much-needed improvements

The Parks & Recreation department, tired of the same old play structures, found this new option from Berliner offered plenty of features plus it just seemed to invite kids to have fun!

Other benefits include:

  • Wide variety of play options never before experienced, spinning, sliding, climbing, balancing and socializing
  • Unique look, a totally round rope structure
  • Ease of maintenance, wipe it down once or twice a year and check the tension on the cables
  • Ease of installation

This project also garnered community involvement from a local Scout and his troop. Under proper supervision, the Scout was able to earn one of his badges by helping to organize the install.

Why a rope-styled playground?

Rope-styled playgrounds help children develop their upper body strength and motor skills. Rope also encourages children to interact with each other and is naturally ADA-friendly since the children can enter the structure at any location and climb according to their abilities.

Read more about rope play in Rope Play: The New/Old Trend

Berliner Cosmo - Doanes Park Pleasant HillBerliner is the first company to design entire playgrounds made from rope.

This play structure is made of stainless steel with connecting points of powder-coated cast aluminum.

All tensioning points are provided with the patented tensioning system, ensuring no technical connecting elements of rope loops are located in the play area.

Finished Project
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