Embankment Slide Huge Hit in Urbandale, Iowa Park

October 12, 2015

Location: Walter Johnston Park, Urbandale, IA
Product Line: Berliner

Make Our Embankment Slide Work!

The Urbandale Parks & Recreation department had a dream for the Walker Johnston Park: to be a destination park. Unfortunately, the ground under the embankment slide would heave and force the individual sections to lose their alignment. The result: a painful ride down the slide as each rider hit every crack.

Knowing that ABCreative could provide a stainless steel slide, the assistant parks director, Kevin James, asked us to help solve his problem. His two requests:

  • Make it work
  • Make it wide enough so that two people can slide beside each other (enabling parents to slide with their children or children to race each other).

Berliner Stainless Steel Embankment Slide

Unloading embankment slide

Unloading embankment slide

ABCreative went to work. As the parks department ripped out the old slide, we took measurements of the hill. After receiving the measurements, Berliner told us exactly what type of slide we needed to make the hill work.

The embankment slide has been a huge hit. It no longer hurts to ride down the slide and many adults and older children love it because of how fast they can go. The new embankment slide has helped make Walker Johnston a destination park for Urbandale, IA.

  • My children come to the park and do nothing but slide for an hour at a time.


Finished Project

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