Dover Pride Community Playground

March 21, 2017

Location: Dover, KS
Products: Burke

The town of Dover felt that the playground at the Community Center was not safe because it was old and the wood structure was deteriorating. It was time to give the kids a safe place to play.

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The Community’s Park

A group of mothers from the community came together to lead the effort to upgrade the playground. As an unincorporated town, no grants were available; the money needed to update the park had to come from the community. So they raised money by selling T-shirts and cookbooks, establishing donation jars, holding a silent auction and much, much more.

The community really cares about the kids. This is truly the community’s park.

— Sandy Atwood, Volunteer Mother and Member of the Playground Planning Committee

Kids Swinging and Playing

In May 2016, the community came together to install the first phase of the playground, which included:

  • Dover Playground, Comet SpinnerComet, a spinner that can be used by one or more children, helping to build strength, balance and coordination.
  • Palmetto Saucer swing, which can accommodate one or more children. Swinging helps develop a sense of balance, whole body awareness and body coordination.
  • Borders and wood mulch


It was an immediate hit with the kids!

The second phase of the community playground will include the installation of the climbing and brachiating components to the play equipment, mulch and timbers.

“It’s nice to go by the park and see kids swinging and playing! We can’t wait for the second phase to be complete,” said Atwood. “We plan to hold a dedication ceremony in June.”

The ABCreative Experience

Karen at ABCreative was great to work with. She gave us ideas and asked lots of questions. She suggested grants we might apply for and she gave us lots of ideas about fundraisers we could do, too. She was fabulous to work with.

— Sandy Atwood, Volunteer Mother and Member of the Playground Planning Committee
Photo Gallery – Work-in-Progress
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The Dover area is an unincorporated community; however, they are a Pride community through state extension. The Pride program is a partnership between the Kansas Department of Commerce, K-State Research, Extension and Kansas PRIDE Inc.


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