DNA Towers - New from Berliner

May 15, 2018

3-Dimensional Climbing Nets Stretched Inside External Steel Skeletons

  • 3 different tower heights
  • Space network inside
  • Curved and straight tubes combined so that it appears to look like a DNA Helix, creating the impression the towers are almost rotating
  • Open and accessible nature makes it almost see-through in appearance
  • Offers plenty of room for children to climb around in
  • Towers can be combined with almost all other Berliner playground equipment plus there are numerous add-on elements and slides
  • Maximum play volume on small playground footprint
  • Fall Height of 9′-8″


DNA Tower.02

  • Smallest DNA Tower is 10′-2″ x 10′-2″ x 14′-6″ (LxWxH)

DNA Tower.03

  • Middle DNA Tower is 10′-2′ x 10′-2′ x 19′-1″ (LxWxH)

DNA Tower.04

  • Tallest of the three DNA Towers is 10′-2′ x 10′-2′ x 24′-8″ (LxWxH)


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Combination of DNA Towers
  • DNA Towers combinedFeatures two additional components: Banisters and Sliding Pole.
  • A tunnel suspended above the ground connects the two climbing net towers.
  • Maximum play volume


 Combination Trii2 and Tower.04
  • Berliner DNA Tower Combi.02From a tree house Trii2, the path across a suspension bridge leads directly into the second story of DNA Tower.04.
  • Anyone making it to the very top of the netting is confronted by a steep descent, but the curving tunnel slide offers a quick exit.


  • DNA Toiwers with emotionsEasy to adapt to emotions and characters






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