Clock Tower Fort Dodge, Iowa

July 20, 2017

Location: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Product: ICON Shelter Systems

The city leaders in Fort Dodge, Iowa have been talking about installing gateway features to enhance entry points to downtown since 2015. This year, ABCreative helped to make this a reality for one of the entry points.

A Little Project History

Plans started much earlier than 2015. In 2010, Snyder & Associates was chosen to provide corridor studies, design and construction documents for a cross-town arterial roadway through the city linking the downtown with the eastern retail area near the Crossroads Mall. The cross-town arterial was envisioned and developed as a “complete street” accommodating pedestrian access as well as streetscape enhancements. Streetscape improvements included identifying potential tree planting locations, monument features, decorative lighting and intersection enhancements.

One of the first streetscape enhancements the city requested was a clock tower in the centerpiece of the roundabout at First Avenue South and 12th Street.

Want to know more? Contact Larry Rife.

Clock Tower by ICON Shelter Systems

ABCreative consultant, Larry Rife, working with Snyder & Associates, looked at several renditions of the clock tower, including height requirements, shape and style. The clock tower styles provided by ICON Shelter Systems and their ability to customize the tower to meet the City’s needs stood out, making them the chosen manufacturer.

The team found that it was a smooth process to construct the tower and it even went up faster than expected.

The final gateway feature for the roundabout at First Avenue South and 12th Street now includes a 32-foot tower standing on a 3-foot masonry base making it a towering 35-feet tall!

The ABCreative Experience

Larry’s customer service skills are outstanding. His enthusiasm and accessibility made this a great experience. It’s all about trust so customer service is extremely important and Larry has that factor. We value relationships like these.

— Monte Appelgate, PLA, Senior Project Manager, Snyder & Associates

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