Charles David Hartman Memorial Park Renovation

December 26, 2017

Hartman Memorial Park, located in Lee’s Summit, MO, is a 20-acre park named after a Lee’s Summit police officer that lost his life in a rescue attempt.

In 2009, the park underwent a renovation to update the softball fields and lighting. This year, the Lee’s Summit Parks & Recreation department upgraded the playground equipment.

ABcreative was tasked with providing a solution for the revamped playground that ages 5 to 12 would enjoy. This included:

  • 25’ embankment slide
  • Cargo net climber that also travels the embankment
  • Saucer swings
  • Comet spinner
  • Champinion balancing pods

Balancing, Climbing, Swinging, Spinning Elements of Play

The cargo net play equipment provides kids with a rope course play environment. Start out at the top of the hill and kids can travel along a net walkway/suspension bridge to the bottom where they will find flubber pads (rubber membranes) that offer different play opportunities and more rope play fun.

Crossing the Cargo Net

Saucer swings enable children of all abilities to “fly on the cloud” and enjoy the swinging movement.

Comet spinner

Comet Spinner

The comet spinner challenges kids’ balance and coordination. It’s enjoyable for just one child or loads of fun for a group of children, challenging their balance and coordination while promoting teamwork.

The net play equipment easily adapts to the landscape underneath – installed on both wood mulch and synthetic turf as well as flat and hilly terrain.

Artificial Turf: Another Play Feature

Playground Grass was installed by ForeverLawn Kansas City on the embankment beside the slide. This is the first synthetic turf surface that has been put in any of the Lee’s Summit parks. And, it has turned into another great play feature! Kids have great fun running, rolling and sliding down the turf hill.

Community Support

This park has been a hit with the community with comments such as:

“Looks like the kiddos will have a blast here.”

“Lee’s Summit knocks it out of the park once again.”

“The kids saw the slide right after they put it up and have been waiting to check it out!!”

“I’m thankful for our parks and rec system and the parks we have.”

“Well done! The kids love it.”

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