Burke Intensity Unit Comes to Delmar, Iowa

January 05, 2017

Delwood Elementary School, Delmar, Iowa
Product Lines: Burke

Delwood Elementary School in Delmar, Iowa, had the same problem most schools do: old, outdated playground equipment and a tight school budget.

Using Burke products, we helped them get more play value for the money they had to spend.

The playground had some old wooden structures that were torn down to make room for the new equipment. We measured the open space and then designed to fit that space.

Burke Intensity Unit Curriculum Adds Play Value

The school chose to install Burke’s Intensity line of play equipment. Burke created this line of play equipment to keep kids active and engaged, helping to fight against childhood obesity. One of the ways the school got more play value was through the Intensity Curriculum that comes with the equipment. This gives teachers the tools to actively engage children in fitness-oriented activities.

With the Intensity Unit, kids will see:

  • Improved strength, coordination and injury prevention.
  • Improved cardio health.

The equipment includes all elements of play including climbing challenges, brachiating, spinning and more. Why is that important?

  • Climbers on the playground help improve hand-eye-foot coordination skills and development of arm and leg strength.
  • Balancing activities increase a child’s endurance and core strength.
  • Spinning increases individual balance as well as coordination with others.

Delwood Playground volunteersBuilding it within Budget: Community Build

Another way to help keep the project within budget was to do a community build. Using this model enabled the school to put more budget dollars toward the play equipment.

However, more importantly, a community build creates a sense of ownership within the community and because of this community pride, playgrounds tend to be better maintained and enjoyed.


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