Boy Scout "Ninja" Rope Course

December 06, 2016

Boy Scout Camp, Abilene, KS
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The boy scout camp in Abilene, KS was the beneficiary of a donation from a local foundation affiliated with a hospital in the area. The purpose of these funds: create some kind of fitness circuit for 7 to 12-year-olds.

Adult fitness circuits tend to be a little boring. Kids want to play and in playing they want to be active. As the project was researched, Berliner rope play equipment came to their attention. The Boy Scout Council felt that this type of play equipment matched and balanced the Boy Scout concept of “Fun with a Purpose.”

Check out the “ninja” boy scouts in the pictures below!

Berliner Rope Course for the Boys

The Council chose to install Berliner’s Terranos play equipment with high and low ropes, two versions of “monkey bar” type of equipment and a bridge.

Boy Scout Ninja rope courseThis play equipment offers a great blend of independent and organized play, such as:

  • Relays, timed events, and challenges.
  • As the boys have down time, they gravitate to the equipment to play, explore and challenge each other.
  • Close to the ground, the Terranos 2-dimensional ropes physically challenge a child’s balance and agility.
  • The shakiness of the rope bridge tests the boys’ balancing and hand-over-hand skills while adding to the fun!

This equipment has been hugely popular with the boys, challenging them not only physically, but also stimulating their imagination. In fact, they have named it the “Scout Ninja Course!”

This is a work-in-progress with the Berliner equipment; it will be easy to continually add to this rope course with additional pieces and challenges.

The ABCreative Difference

Karen at ABCreative was exceptional to work with. She is a great communicator, offers great customer service, kept me informed, came out and met with me personally and talked through the options. She was mindful and paid attention to what I was looking for and our goals. She listened and got what it was we were looking for.

— Wendy Shaw, Scout Executive/CEO, Boy Scouts of America Coronado Area Council
Want to know more? Contact Karen Herren.

Photos of “Ninja” Rope Course in Action!

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