Balancing on the Playground

July 06, 2016

Playground activities like balancing help build muscle strength, endurance and postural control, encourages pretend play and social interaction, develops proprioceptive systems and cognitive functions.

Balancing is one of the seven elements of play needed in a park or playground area.

Types of Balancing Equipment to Consider


Urban Design Berlin – Champignon
Dagg Park, Kansas City, MO

Even though the Champignons, those ball-like objects the children are balancing on, look like they might be some form of public art, they really are playground equipment. Balancing helps children develop coordination, muscular strength and endurance, postural control and more.

Having a whole set with all three sizes is a nice arrangement good for every place in the park.


Urban Design Berlin – Orbit
Upper Banner Park, Lee’s Summit, MO

The Orbit is a curvy balancing trail. Children love to balance and even adults may appreciate a quick balancing exercise, too.

The Orbit and Champignon don’t require a lot of room and can easily fit in smaller spaces.


Berliner – Terranos ropes
Boy Scout Camp, Abilene, KS

These Terranos 2-dimensional ropes from Berliner have been a hit at this Boy Scout camp. Although close to the ground, these ropes still physically challenge a child’s balance and agility. The shakiness of the rope bridge these scouts have created tests the boys’ balancing and hand-over-hand skills while adding to the fun!


Burke – Balance Beams

Burke has several balance beams for children ages 2 to 12 to hone their balancing skills, develop core strength and muscle endurance and have fun. The S Beam has a slight curviness to it, whereas the Z Beam has 90-degree angles to maneuver.

Planning for Balancing Activities in Your Playground or Park

  • Choose equipment that will allow children to experience efficient body positioning, center of gravity, equilibrium and counterbalance.
  • Try to link balancing activities to other play activities that encourage children to lead or follow, develop creative games and interact socially with other children.
  • Choose equipment that offers varying levels of skill and challenge for beginners, in-the-middle and advanced balancing skill sets.


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7 Elements of Play: BalancingKansas City’s Newly Renovated Dagg Park

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