Our Purpose

  • Creating Your PerfectPark & Playground

    For the past 25 years, ABcreative has been creating perfect parks and playgrounds across Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska.

    Our mission is to help you create outdoor spaces that bring your community together. This means having a place where kids, teens, and adults – everyone of all ages and all abilities – can go to socialize, have family time, get fit, and have fun.


    Consult. Create. Construct.
  • ABcreative believes that play inspires the imagination and is an essential requirement in early childhood development that promotes development of cognitive and motor skills that are essential for learning.

    We also believe that playing helps young children develop social skils, the abilities to negotiate and compromise with peers, gain self-esteem, and self-confidence, all while allowing children to explore the environment, get dirty, stimulate creativity , and temporarily abandon rules and structure. 

  • Our family loves the playground area at Lexington Lake, especially the cargo net to the top. It’s not your typical playground equipment and just begs to be climbed on, run around, and enjoyed. I have to confess that as a mom, I’ve climbed up there and revisited my childhood a few times.

    — Caroline Braley
  • What does ABcreative do to help you create your perfect space?
    • Consult

      We learn from you about location, usage, audience, customization, preferences, amenities, and more – helping you select the right type of playground to meet your needs.

    • Create

      We work with you to bring ideas together into a cohesive plan.

    • Construct

      We can handle the playground as a turn key project for which we do all the sitework, or set up your project as a community build. Either way, your playground will become a reality.

  • Most importantly, we focus on building relationships.
    We work to earn your trust and look forward to partnering on future projects.

  • Consult. Create. Construct.

    What kind of playground do you need?